Canova 325 takes an important step in the world of jewels

When a diamond is a real one, when gold, platinum and silver aren’t treated, when a jewel is made following the very strict rules of high jewellery, you don’t need anything else. But Canova takes an important step in the world of jewels finding new solutions in order to make lows about gemology better.

Canova 325 itself, a Maison that has no secrets and thanks to its skill has got many customers all over the world, wants to go along this path, started in collaboration with IDD – International Diamond Diffusion – in order to protect purchasers from treatments and imitations that can confuse or deceive you. A cooperation that, going into more depth information, wants to inform about a field that doesn’t have real state rules. A guarantee to tell the life of a jewel, from conception to sale.

Canova 325 wants to invest in its competence and experience to produce very precious jewels.  Its perfect creations sparkle because of a refined sequence of very natural gems.

Hand-crafted rings, bracelets and necklaces are so beautiful to satisfy the desire of luxury. Canova 325 mix elements in such a creative way to create very prestigious women’s jewels, to make jewels very versatile.


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