Cameo Italiano, A Cameo’s Portrait

The ability to renew a famous historical product and a recognized approval of the users, represent the heart of the Cameo Italiano philosophy, which can count on a long history of a family, settled in Torre del Greco, a famous city for the production of cameos and coral.

The beauty expressed in every form represent for the Di Luca family an objective to follow in every project supported by the high competences of expert engravers, who instill passion and tradition in every jewels they make. The craftsmanship and the innovation together with the originality are an essential part of the advertising campaign.

We discussed about it with Gino di Luca, owner of the firm.

Starting from the heading “A Portrait for a Cameo” you declare the will to manifest an artistic aspect in every jewel .


Cameo Italiano is a project that was born after thirty years of cameos production. We have thought to make them more usable with an affordable cost, keeping always high the quality and creativity of the level. The right balance between the quality of the engravings and the low cost has made Cameo Italiano a unique target.

The elegance comes out with all the power in every shot and perhaps it is the first element that you can see admiring the photos, then immediately after you discover that the person who is wearing the jewels is a man.Why did you choose to use a man model?

Our choice has been done regardless the genre.

We have looked for a long time for a face that could express a strong message of style and elegance with a great energy since our jewels are strong messengers.


You export the made in Italy worldwide. Who are the foreign clients that mainly reward your tenacity?

Our first clients who appreciated our cameos have been the Japanese.

These jewels hold everything they love about Italy: art, history, creativity, fantasy and quality.

Our production has re-elaborated these ingredients entirely and nowadays our cameos are also appreciated in Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Turkey, Rumania, Korea and Russia….

 “The beauty will save the world” declared the prince Miškin of Dostoevskij and it is clear that this journey could even start with a jewel. Cameo Italiano with their creations feels part of this journey?

We have no doubts: absolutely Yes!


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