BySimon. Anything and everything between originality and fun

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His is a production that updates and enrichens itself more each day without neglecting any sector, from jewellery to watches and fashion accessories through jewel bag and home design in every style and colour. By Simon has established itself in Italy and in foreign markets for the variety and quality of its creations which, besides being at the top in terms of trends, has been able to give a concrete response to the environment by respecting nature and animals.

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So, a green mind and bio-spirit, but also an ethical heart through allocating part of the budget to solidarity projects. By Simon is a large company that aims at research and innovation, a company made up of people working in mutual respect, who believe in what they do and who invest the right amount of passion to be at the top and launch a multitude of ideas that are never banal. Its staff collaborate by looking forward with a conviction and optimism which has clearly been met with steady growth that has put the dreaded crisis behind it.  Novelties, fun and originality are the three words that sum up the success that has led it to be a company that is known and appreciated worldwide.

Hong Kong International Jewellery Show 2015   18 – 22 September 2015   stand 5C-728


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