Bivio Gioielli by Lunar To find the sense of beauty again

Lunar has studied women, as they love being the centre of attention. Once jewels used to be discreet, but nowadays you must pay attention to women and their jewels. Benedetta Valanzano, versatile actress famous for her presence at TV and theatre shows, is testimonial for Bivio Jewels’ new collection By Lunar. A Neapolitan company that has made a name for itself in international trade in about a decade thanks to recognizability, originality, accessibility and quality.

Lunar, for its next spring/summer collection, has imagined a winning woman lit by silver and colored by natural stones chose for her parure made of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, the way “Vanita Lux” is, an oval chain with diamonds, black agate and round mirrors to multiply metal brightness. Fresh “Armonia” made of lunar metal, Cristallo di Rocca chips and turquoise paste together with blue beads. Biting “Ballata”, precious metal together with white stones, black agate and silver pearls. Infectious “Seduzione” made of Sardinian coral. Passionate “Rondò” made of agate beads.


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