Antonio Sartori genius.

The simplicity of his creations results from a strong research and a lively imagination. There is a deep culture in it. It is quite simple to understand it. It is necessary to interpret the deep essence of Talento collection jewels, the pure materials of which narrate wonderful stories, such as the ones of Vipera collection.

Amethysts, tinted quartz and rock crystals like precious stones, Improbable hideouts, gifts, dens of a temptress and sensual creature. Asp that, through its coils, strangle the start and end idea for a never ending life. An almost  eternal time.  In the splendour of white and yellow , shiny, scratch or rhodium gold, the asp insinuates itself, coils up, stretches out and directs towards the unaware prey. It is a slow dance expressing energy despite of its murderous impulse.

We are overwhelmed by its elegance,  its slight body, plain or studded with small diamonds and gem stones of various nuance, raises its head and the poor scales have turned into a unique diamonds pavé.  A sinuosity characterizing also the links of a small or big necklace, like a sort of knot, a tangle breaking the chain evenness.

It is about Antonio Sartori genius, the Milanese goldsmith designer who creates these wonderful and special jewels. He gives his creations a vibrant mark such as in the lovely spirals of Cosmopolitan collection, in the strange circles of Cerchi, the new born collection, in the coloured satellites set in gold of Dieci, in the light chains of Ricami or in the untied ones of Wings.  Such as in the extraordinary structures of Nastri collection where gold is the protagonist. They are sublime experimentations creating jewels of unique elegance, full of symbolical meanings.


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