Angry Gioielli, Made in Italy that does not give in to delocalization

The story of Angry Gioielli is about preciousness, tradition, and research. Fabio Angry currently runs the company alongside his father.

“Angry Jewellery Innovation started with my father in 1977 in a laboratory here in Valenza that was known for the mastery of its artisans. Our creations are found in the most exclusive locations in the world and our jewelry is part of some of private collections belonging to highly prestigious customers; we are really proud”.

Fabio Angri

What is your story in the company?
“I am a passionate person. I have few passions but they are strong: design and speed are what I found in jewelry as somewhere to shape substance. This is where I acquired the freedom to design jewelry based on my feelings and expressions. The same feeling I have when I’m on my motorcycle, my other great passion”.

How do you define jewelry?
“Jewelry represents a work of art with intrinsic value, however, as a work of art it is also ubiquitous, thus magical. One of our customers once wrote: “Nature is so perfect that we simply reproduced it”.
“Innovation and research”, Fabio Angri says, is the role technology plays in the design and production of jewelry. “Technology represents the future – he explains to Preziosa magazine. Microscopes have been around for a while, allowing us to obtain maximum results when cleaning settings, while design is still just at the drawing stage. Design is tradition, technology is innovation; these are our cornerstones.

Is there any one piece you are particularly fond of?
“The first animal I created. I dreamt about this enormous, sleek tiger one night and the next morning I sketched it then made a model of it and it became a ring that started a whole collection of 280 animals. When you wear one of my pieces, it’s like a dream come true.
The Italian market has come to a halt, many companies are moving abroad to cut costs, others are being bought out by foreigners. These are solutions Fabio Angri does not even ponder.  “Italy is my country but it is also synonymous with high-end jewelry. It hurts me to see a country so rich in talented people and traditions going through a moment like this one. Nonetheless, I cannot envision my company being anywhere else but in Italy.
Those who give in to outsourcing production reap benefits initially but are paying a high price for it now. My father and I run a company that manufactures high-end jewelry, we have 18 highly qualified employes and every single piece is produced in our facility.  Despite the recent decrease in internal demand, our focus on high-end and innovation has allowed us to continue to grow”.

Another great reason to purchase Angri jewelry.
“Wearing Angry jewelry means owning your dream or the sentimental feeling in your heart”.




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