AMLE’, a mix of de luxe irony and unconventionality in the name of seduction

The creativity and passion of Mrs. Maria Angelucci, called Marisa by her friends, designer and sole director, have led to the birth of a company that nowadays boasts regular clients in its 200 sales point located in the most important Italian cities and abroad, by gaining the leadership in the jewellery and junk jewellery fields on the National and International market.

Amlé style is versatile and expressive, with suggestive intuitions and a taste for great sizes and contrasts. The personal interpretation of shapes and thicknesses, contours and colours, harmony and irregularities, can be seen through a continuous transformation inventing and reinventing complicated, extraordinary and really original items, that are designed for exuberant and elegant women. In its uncontrolled metamorphosis each micro and macro element becomes the fulcrum for new joints and unknown solutions. It is an handling game that becomes eccentric art by creating wonderful jewels for each new collection.

The handmade manufacturing livens up the material picking out an extraordinary aesthetic look. “In short, our creativity has become the key to our success – the holder tells – , in a very difficult moment for the market our models are required by a vast medium-high clientele.  They are models inspired by fantasy but also by the ancient culture that, with its harmony, hones eye and taste”In Amlé workshop located in the wealthy city of Santa Maria Capua Vetere, skilful hands manufacture, every day, real works of art most of all are a one-off.

It is wonderful to see how material becomes something really unique. Hard, precious and semiprecious stones, mother-of –pearl, coral, pearls, silver, zebu horn – an innovative material- and onyx, mix themselves to be used in a different way.

Bracelets, earrings and necklaces bind and overlap in a peculiar and unmistakable way; they recall emotions becoming symbols of the post-modern custom in perfect tune with the company philosophy whose mission is to convey emotions. Amlé represents a prestigious mix of de luxe irony and unconventionality recalling a finely sinful atmosphere with important and charming details, products attesting the company target, that is to enhance womanhood.


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