Acanfora Jewelry passion, love and technology

“Our jewels are better than words when talking about the passion that I have acquired over the past thirty years of work and that I have passed down to my children, Loredana, Francesca and Giuseppe.  They are the new energy and most of all, they are the new ideas in Acanfora Jewelry”.
Speaking is a proud Vittorio Acanfora, honored to be one of the creators and promotors of a school and culture that is globally unmatched: the mastery of Italian goldsmiths.

Passion and love, along with lots of technology.  The Acanfora Jewelry laboratories are in fact equipped with the most modern machinery to transform precious materials:  from a laser engraver to a vulcanizer for rubber molds, to was injectors, to ovens for casts and fusions.  From conception to finishing and polishing each piece, the production cycle is thus, entirely self-sufficient.


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