Acanfora Gioielli: where the jewel is worthily represented

The diamond has always been protagonist of thousands of beautiful and romantic stories, and some of them are signed by Distribuzione Gioielli Italia. The firm was founded more than thirty years ago by Vittorio Acanfora with an only one aim: to touch the light. At “Tari” in Marcianise- Caserta- there are the company offices, show rooms, and laboratories with the most modern technologies in order to manage every single phase of the jewel lifecycle for an optimal handmade production.

At Acanfora Gioielli everything shines: here we can find the most beautiful stones, jewels made of infinite carats of yellow, pink and white gold. Jewels can be also made “on demand” with a personalized design to satisfy even the most exigent client. Acanfora Gioielli participates at the most important local and international fairs (Las Vegas, New York, Hong Kong) to strengthen its presence on the American and the Oriental market.


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