A rare rocaille for several femininities

The protagonist of a creation is almost never the material itself but the mind who works it. So that what it is can turn into something else. It will become a little handmade work different from stereotypes and Chino series. An example comes from Milan where Rubinia Gioielli has started a new way of making jewels. Metal, stones and shells to create feminine jewels, as well as wonderful mirrors created to make our vanity reflect!

Such a brand doesn’t care about inevitable imitations, and the experts who work for it always try out new ideas, as you can notice in the shops, better called concepts, where you can listen, share and personalize the stories that Rubinia collections will tell you. Otto piu uno (eight plus one) and the Filodellavita (lifeline) ring. A metal line twisted in order to impress a story, an emotion..in a moment destined to be eternal.

You can personalize it as you can choose the metal (9kt gold or silver), the quantity of lines to make it and the diamonds to put among the lines. “Goielli second natura” where each stone has its own virtue and meaning, and the gems that make eccentric the frames made of resin, an element used to make the collection “Oggetti secondo natura”.


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