A meadow in every piece of jewelry

Roberto Rossellini argued that reality is right in front of us and everything depends on who is looking and how they look. Annamaria Cammilli is possibly the purest example of a designer who is able to grasp the indispensable, the tiniest detail, to depict, as if in a painting, the beauty of nature in its every whim, its thousands shapes and colors and in the couplings gently kissed by the sun.

Her jewels are the memory of a lazy and painstaking journey in search of lush woodland where dew covers the fragile flowers that turn into rings, pendants and earrings which are as sophisticated and authentic as a basket of primroses. These are details which depict the pastel tints of an endless meadow with wild roses and austere arum lilies. The minute drops of dew are sparkling diamonds which repose on the white, yellow or extraordinary orange gold which winds and twists into life, as real and scented as a magnolia or more stylized and delicate like a whirlpool of clear water. They are jagged edges of clover resting on a square ring or descend in pendants where white and orange gold form sublime tricks of the light.

There are also ears of wheat more elegant than a mantis, galleries of porous gold like pumice worn down by the surf, tangles of precious metal like the nests of storks which guard the colorful transparent effects of gems. It is an endlessly fresh and sparkling world, as precious and unique as a jewel, beauty ready to be worn, sophistication to show off in the name of a style which has numerous admirers in Italy and Asia.


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