A dynamic reality that follows our times, two business minds for innovative jewelry.

Mimmo Cozzolino and Franco Carotenuto, two names that meet two clever and business minds that have the love for the goldsmith tradition of Torre del Greco and the enthusiasm for their job has given birth to Idea Coral, a recognized statement of professionalism and creativity that exalts the history of craftsmanship with innovative and prestigious jewelry.

Born in Torre del Greco and landed in the Tari in 1996, Coral Idea has an equipped laboratory specialized in processing and embedding precious stones, pearls, corals, pearls and turquoises, spectacular jewels different in colours and shapes. Franco Cozzolino and Mimmo Carotenuto have satisfied customers, thanks to their competence.

Idea Coral is a dynamic creation and a precious decorative, with a great aesthetic value, and its production is already excellent in their design. Coral Idea takes its ideas from each new day that brings to keep step with the times. It will be at Vicenza Oro Charm pad. G stand 1620.


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