The Dimension of Myth in Capri, by Sar Jewels

SAR Jewels products are quite different from the others. You can feel the emotions coming from the Isle of Capri through the creations of the owner of the firm, Rosario Severino. His latest creation is a necklace for men made of salomite with a central gold and diamonds buckle made in his laboratory in Anacapri for next winter collection. Since 2007 SAR Jewels has been creating simple and sophisticated jewels for its customers, coming above all from the South Centre Italy.

The rare Indian black stone will mark out SAR Jewels’ winter collection but they are already thinking to the summer coming, when Capri will be even more animated. In the laboratory of the Island, in fact, “my girlfriend and I are already drawing a new lively spring collection -says Rosario Severino- completely inspired by the Roman and Greek origins of the Island”. What the writer Raffaele La Capria called, with good reason, “the Dimension of Myth”.


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